I have greatly enjoyed working with Valerie. Through our coaching and thinking partnership, she has helped me identify and clarify my career goals. As a new hire after completing my doctorate, this enabled me to accelerate the development of my career path and my professional network. Valerie has been supportive and encouraging, and her knowledge of science and technology careers has been invaluable. I have always felt that she was genuinely interested and invested in my career development.

I contacted Ms. Valerie Lane to assist me in obtaining employment as a hydrologist. Ms Lane quickly responded to my request for help. After talking with her about my experience and goals, she was able to make two very insightful connections. In each of these recommendations, I was impressed with Ms. Lane’s ability to quickly pick up on my experience and abilities and make associations with employers that I had not considered. I strongly recommend Ms. Lane for job-seekers, especially those seeking professional help on a career change. She is very personable, intelligent, and insightful, and will go well-beyond expectations to assist you.

I hadn’t kept my resume up to date for nearly 10 years and had a short window to get one together for an opportunity. I needed help! Valerie quickly compiled my work and educational experience into a comprehensive, professional, and contemporary resume that stood out and opened the door for an interview.

It was so nice to meet you and to have you share your story and your experiences [at the weekly HAPPY Heart Trial support group meeting]. As you guided the HAPPY Heart participants who attended through the Healthy Life Balance wheel, the Six Steps to Achieving Peace of Mind; and the Ten Habits of Effective Stress Managers, I could see how the women in our group engaged and could relate to the tools you shared. As you know the discussion and participation made the time fly by.

Valerie was able to quickly help us identify our requirements, Honed in on the best possible approach for standing up our website and developing marketing materials. Worked with us to find the right people to print the brochures and to enable the website. Did so with a sensitivity to our size and budget. And did a beautiful job.

I am sending you my deepest thank you for a clear, concise, and compassionate coaching experience with you. Wholehearted is how I would describe my coaching experience with you. You helped me to identify and state my intentions and goals clearly which has allowed me to show up as an authentic professional. The assignments that you suggested helped me to clear the fog from my path and create a visual action plan that is still in use today! I think of my experience with you often and when confusion sets in there is a little Valerie angel on my shoulder cheering me on! I look forward to crossing paths soon.

From the first session with Val I knew that I had found the Coach I needed. I had found that “something” that had been missing…someone who could inspire me and encourage me to challenge myself. My perspective began to change, and, in the process of dream building and goal setting, Val inspired me to open up, think deep, and DREAM BIG!!!

Val has a positive and effective process that helped me identify and “clear the blocks,” and “breakdown the barriers.” To simply see them for what they are…emotions and thoughts that were holding me back from attaining my dreams. I learned to give myself “permission” to let go of the old ideas and beliefs that were holding me back from succeeding in my new business.

Unlike others I have looked too in the past, Val did not leave me with unattainable dreams. She guided me to set manageable, incremental goals, and she helped me find encouraging successes along the way. Val has been my cheering section, even when I had a week when I did not reach my Goals. At that point, she never judged my accomplishment, but reminded me that life (our relationships, children, family, friends, job) sometimes takes a larger share of our time and our personal goals have to take a momentary backseat.

Sharing this dream building experience with Val has been an eye opening journey dotted with many “Aha” moments. Thank you Val for the Intuitive Dance!!

I must, without reservation, recommend Valerie Lane for her assistance with my recent resume. After several personal attempts to condense and feature my accomplishments and business achievements, it was Ms. Lane, who, with her wide range of professional accomplishments, was skilled in getting the format and content perfect. Her keen eye and use of business language is exceptional and will prove the necessary ammunition to accelerate a targeted career.

In this tough job market, preparation and positioning are critical to achieving job placement objectives. Ms. Lane’s efficient approach to resume writing is unparalleled.

I have known Valerie Lane for quite some time as a friend, and now as a coach. I recently participated in her Executive Women’s Coaching Group with several of my colleagues. After much discussion and evaluation about the possibilities for us to improve our personal and professional performance through group coaching, we all looked forward to our meetings. I was impressed with how well Valerie handled the group and helped us to focus on our goals. After meeting once a week for eight weeks, all of us were astounded at how fast we had overcome our personal obstacles and were accomplishing our goals. All thanks to Valerie’s ability to hone in on each one of our problems, discuss with each one our paths to success, and map out the steps we needed to take. She is a genius and great at what she does.

I first met Valerie at a WCR event and after a 5 minute conversation I knew she would be the perfect coach for my 18 year old son struggling in his first year of college. He was on his way to dropping out and through his coaching with Valerie he has literally done a 180. He now has a focused direction and plan. I also went through coaching with her and was so impressed I recommended she do a women’s group with my colleagues and have recommend her to anyone looking to gain traction and focus in their life.

I am so happy that I made the decision to join the Executive Women’s Coaching Group. I didn’t really have a clear sense of what to expect going into it, but was quickly impressed with Ms. Lane’s ability to work with a group, and yet give such individual attention and insights into the issues that we are each facing. I gained insight into my own strengths and weaknesses, was able to clarify my goals and a strategy to achieve those goals, both in my personal and my professional life. The warmth and caring Ms. Lane showed made the process fun and fulfilling. I look forward to our continued friendship, and highly recommend Ms. Lane’s coaching to anyone feeling like they need some direction or focus. Thank you so much!

Working with Valerie Lane is simply opening your soul to move forward. She does it so easily, you hardly feel the fear, the pain, or the resistance. Soon enough you’ll be celebrating how far you’ve come!

Valerie was fabulous! She met with my daughter (16) for two plus hours on a writing project. She helped my daughter break out the story into sections and lay out the facts, etc. in an organized way. They then worked from the “inside out” I believe….and put together an incredible essay. She is actually teaching my daughter how to write essays! What a skill for her to learn before college. She was punctual and professional….and the classiest tutor I have ever met. We will use her often.

When I first met Valerie, I knew she was the real deal. Talking to her about writing and the way she works with others motivated me to ask her for help. I can honestly say that I am thankful that I did ask her for help. She helped me improve my scholarship essay dramatically, but most important was the confidence and knowledge that I gained. Before, I did not know how to organize my essays, which led to frustration and uncertainty about whether I could become a good writer. Fortunately, that is not the case anymore. Today, I am more confident in my writing skills, and I am grateful to Valerie for helping me achieve that goal.

At first I was skeptical and reluctant to see what benefit a coach would provide. My hopes and dreams had crumbled after two semesters of drug abuse and academic failure. There was no bright future ahead of me on that path. All of the prestigious scholarships and awards that I had won during high school disappeared. Hit one of the all time lows of my life. Then, on the recommendation of a close relative I began coaching with Valerie Lane. She showed me the countless opportunities that I had sacrificed blindly. With her help I built back my self-confidence and was able to successfully win back all my scholarships. Am accepted to the business school and happily enrolled while working. Her coaching had such a profound impact on my life unlike anything before. I feel alive finally. Thank you.

My daughter is thrilled to report that she earned a 96% on her test on aquatic ecosystems. She is very pleased. She would like to continue to work with you after classes resume in the new year. It is terrific to see her gain confidence and succeed with material she feels is difficult. You figured out how to help her and we are very pleased.