Ready For A STEM Workforce With You In Their Vision Of The Future?

A Career Thinking Partner and Coach Can Help Employees Commit to You—At Any Career Stage

STEM graduates are in high demand for at least half of all jobs and is increasing with the rapid rate of technological advances that impact future workforce requirements.  Nearly 50% of STEM grads divert to other careers that highly value their knowledge, skills, and abilities.  By 10 years after graduation, more STEM grads divert to other careers, creating a critical shortage of highly-experienced STEM workers.  We work with college and high school students to develop an authentic interest in STEM and the academic and life preparation that enables them to have successful academic and professional careers.

Employees transitioning into your organization through their first job belong to the generation known as Millennials or Gen Y.  Like generations before them, Millennials have characteristic values and lifestyle goals. They value community and social responsibility.  What motivates them is a Drive for autonomy, purpose, and mastery, and they crave and expect mentoring or coaching to get there.  In fact, without coaching they are impaired and at a disadvantage when trying to navigate and create a career in the multi-generational workforce they are joining.  Our Accelerated New Hire Integration® program engages Millennials at the core of their values and offers them the opportunity to create a career path that authentically matches their passion, interests, and energy with your mission, culture, and workforce requirements.

Career building STEM workers in the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations are the core creators of their organization’s culture and economic sustainability.  For all STEM degree holders, at 10 years out from graduation when their careers are dynamically evolving and they are making a significant contribution, about 20% divert into a career outside of traditional STEM.  The attrition for women is astonishing at 75%.  Only 25% of the women who graduated with a STEM degree are still working in a traditional STEM career after 10 years.  Combined with Baby Boomer retirements, diversion of experienced STEM workers is creating a challenging shortage of seasoned, highly talented staff.  The STEM worker pipeline is leaking…heavily.  Our consulting and coaching work enables experienced STEM workers to re-engage and to re-energize their careers to create a satisfying path forward—in their existing position or organization or onto other opportunities.

Senior-level STEM workers — typically Baby Boomers — are also core creators of an organization’s culture, economy, and future.  Mention “bench strength,” and they know exactly what that means:  the competence and number of employees ready to fill vacant leadership and other positions.  No easy task when there are few or no well-qualified replacements at the levels required for many Baby Boomers to retire.  STEM workforce sustainability is also impacted by diversion of career builders.  By the time they have 10 years experience, 20% divert to STEM-Competitor or other careers.  Plugging the leak in the STEM worker pipeline at the career builder position is a critical task for senior-level STEM workers; it is essential for generating economic sustainability for their organizations.  We enable organizations to create collaborative mentoring relationships that develop the bench strength necessary for the sustainability of their organization.