Founder and president of ValiantLane LLC, Valerie A. Lane is a consulting scientist sustaining STEM workforce capability and capacity through career management and talent acquisition, development, and retention consulting and coaching. Her work generates economic sustainability for organizations and individuals. The foundation of Ms. Lane’s expertise is a combination of more than 25 years proven career achievement in

  • STEM and STEM-related business sectors
  • Scientific consulting and litigation support for industry
  • Academic research in a STEM sector university-industry partnership

Ms. Lane has extensive experience as a consulting environmental scientist for industry, including operations management, and as a land management executive in the oil and gas industry. Her complex academic research was performed at a major petrochemical facility located in the Chemical Valley of Ontario, Canada. For detailed information about Ms. Lane’s technical work, please click here.

Ms. Lane’s business and technical expertise is enhanced by an ability to inspire and support people to become their professional and personal best. With her combination of business operations experience, technical knowledge and expertise, and results-based executive coaching and consulting, her clients achieve their identified goals, Ms. Lane is a uniquely well-qualified and effective STEM workforce capability and capacity builder.

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