Ready to Create Your Vision of a Sustainable STEM Career or Workforce?

A STEM Thinking Partner and Coach Can Help—At Any Career Stage

New STEM, first-time workers value community and social responsibility. They are motivated to succeed through a Drive for autonomy, purpose, and mastery. Along with their values and drive, their STEM knowledge, skills, and abilities put them in high demand for at least 50% of all jobs. That demand is increasing with exponential advances in technology. How do we create opportunities to create a career path that authentically matches their passion, interests, and energy with your mission, culture, and workforce requirements? Learn More…

We also prime the STEM workforce pipeline by helping college and high school students to develop or retain their interest in STEM, along with the academic and life preparation counseling to create successful academic and professional careers. Learn More….

Career Builders co-create an organization’s institutional knowledge, culture, and economic sustainability.  Their contributions are lost in large part to diverting out of traditional STEM careers. For all STEM degree holders, at 10 years out from graduation when their careers are dynamically evolving and their contributions are highly valuable, about 20% divert into jobs outside traditional STEM careers.  The attrition for women is astonishing at 75%, which means that only 3% of the women who graduated with a STEM degree are still working in a traditional STEM career after 10 years.  The STEM worker pipeline is leaking…heavily.  How can Career Builder STEM workers—especially women—re-engage and re-energize their careers to create a satisfying path forward in their existing position or organization or other opportunities? Learn More….

Mentoring by senior-level STEM workers drives an organization’s direction, culture, economics, and future.  Mention “bench strength,” and they know exactly what that means:  the essential competencies and number of employees ready to fill vacant leadership and other team positions.  No easy task when there are few or no well-qualified replacements in the numbers and at the experience levels required for many Baby Boomers to retire.  Plugging the 20% STEM worker diversion leaks of New Workers and Career Builders is a critical task for senior-level STEM workers. It is essential for generating economic sustainability for their organizations.  How can we help to create collaborative mentoring relationships to develop the bench strength necessary for organizational sustainability? Learn More….